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I started this website March 2009, two months after President Obama first took office, because I was so alarmed at what I was seeing. In those early days, many of us hoped he would be able to fix our economy and get things back on track. Perhaps you are still watching mainstream media and thinking everything's going to be fine... that Hillary's going to save America. What they aren't telling you is that there is a sinister agenda at work in America to transform us fundamentally and forever into something none of us ever thought we would be. Some want to collapse our government so that others can rule us. But there are others who want us to become part of a One World vision where America will be controlled by the U.N. who will rape our wealth and resources and redistribute them to developing nations as our penance for being a superpower. Don't believe it? I didn't either until I took the blinders off and started doing my own research. I discovered that our freedoms, our Constitution, our way of life, and our financial future...all are in danger. I didn't believe it either until I stopped listening to what this President  says...and started looking at what he does . And I discovered that there is a direct correlation between the two -- he does just the opposite of what he says. But we've had Presidents who did that before and survived it. That is not what frightened me. I discovered there is far more at work than what we see on the news. His strategy throughout his Presidency has been to keep so many controversial balls in the air that Americans hopefully would not recognize the overall plan...his real Agenda...quietly hidden behind his executive orders. Don't be deceived. Search out the facts. To understand Obama better, see the movie, "2016." To understand the hidden agenda of the Democratic Party, read Dinesh D'Sousa's book "Hillary's America," Dick Morris's new book "Armageddon," and Ken Blackwell's "The Blueprint, Obama's Plan." And check out all the links on this website. Decide for yourself. Start your journey HERE, then go HERE, and then HERE. But, be warned, it may take your breath away. YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT IS GOING ON IN AMERICA! Check out the links on this website, do your research, get involved...read II CHRONICLES 7:14...AND PRAY!

If you cherish your freedom, your way of life, and believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then we ask you to become informed and then take action.  We encourage you to visit the links below. Certain individuals and organizations believe they know what is best for you and America. As you inform yourself...and begin to see the real Agenda...ask yourself who really knows better...and what are you going to do about it? Hillary Clinton is poised to finish Obama's agenda of transforming America. Remember Edmund Burke's warning:   "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


  • If it was possible to control the U.S.A., can you imagine how it could happen?

  • What would need to be done in order to create a U.S.A. that was ruled and dictated to?

  • Are you willing to ask the following questions and consider the answers?

(1) Did we elect a radical President who is positioning America into a new world order? (Video) Tom Harking Steak Fry Iowa Democrat Hillary Clinton Barack Obama John Edwards Criss Dodd Joe Biden Bill Richardson

(2) Why have so many CZARS been appointed who have a history of radical agendas -- were they appointed specifically to enact those agendas?

(3) Why is this President giving away our sovereignty piece by piece to the U.N.? (See freedom of religion, gun control, gay rights, colonization, private property, rule of law, and coup.) ALERT-> With each U.N. agreement we sign, we give up our sovereignty in that area to the U.N. which means they can override our laws and enforce theirs on us.

(4) Why is he using U.N. Agenda 21 and "smart growth principles" to gain control of U.S. land, resources, and populations? Why should we be concerned about Agenda 21?

(5) Why is this President willing to allow the U.N. to dictate what our children learn and who has rights over them? (See parental rights.)  And, are we going to allow it?

(6) Why did this President take over our financial , business, and healthcare industries?

(8) Why does he want control of  all of our resources during peacetime? (See Executive Order signed 03-16-2012) Why does he want control of the internet, communications, water, and our electric grid? And why does this President think he can circumvent Congress with his Executive Orders?

(9) Why does he want control of the census?

(10) Why is he rendering our military ineffective and taking actions that increase our exposure to  terrorist attack? Could he really be setting us up for a military takeover  by another power?

(11) Why did President Obama say on July 2, 2008, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. And will this security force have to swear an oath of loyalty to Obama, instead of an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States? (His first step toward this may be the armed youth corps he has established. See #33 below.)  Could this be why he nationalized student loans -- because it can provide an instant army by forgiving student loans in exchange for a term of government service? Or is his 13 million person database supposed to provide his army...maybe it already has?

(12) Why is this President leading America into financial ruin with an $19.5 trillion deficit that is very close to the $20 trillion tipping point from which there is no return and a currency he is undermining daily with a printing press?

(13) Who was the mastermind behind Obama's original healthcare reform bill HR3200? That 1,017 page proposal billed itself as healthcare reform but it was actually about gaining control of the American people.  And then Pelosi's 1,990 page proposal and Reid's 2,074 page proposal picked it up and added more to it...and now its law! (There were actually two laws passed that total more than 2200 pages in their final form.) Do you know what is in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and The Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010? And why are there so many states challenging the constitutionality of these laws?

(14) Why is this President so pro-union

(15) Why is it our President and First Lady  do not like America?

(16) Why have we had nothing but one crisis after another since the President took over? And why did then Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel say no crisis should be wasted?

(17) How did our courts get packed with activist judges?

(18) Is the President trying to turn America into a Marxist / Communist / Socialist / Muslim nation? And why is our State Department recruiting jihadists and supporting Islamists? Why is he naming so many Islamists to key positions?

(19) Gallup polls say liberals only make up 21% of our population, so how can they be driving America? What happened to We The People?

(20) Did a Shadow Party hijack the Democratic Party? And is there a shadow government being prepared to step in place when America collapses? And what puppetmaster has been at work for 25 years to create that shadow government?

(21) Is it true America is being dismantled?

(22) How did an American President get elected whose background was immersed in anti-Americanism, Socialism, Marxism and Communism? And just what is the Obama Nation? And for what purpose has he converted his campaign team to a PAC called Organization For Action  backed by his old friend, George Soros?

(23) Is the President trying to curtail the military vote? If so, ask yourself...why? 

(24) Is the President the source of White House security leaks? If so...why on earth would he do that? And is he using that as an excuse for another power grab?

(25) What is the truth about Benghazi? Why didn't the CIA rescue them...and why were several other rescue teams told to stand down? Who issued the order...three  times? Did then Secretary of Defense Panetta say the President was AWOL during the attack? Did President Obama sacrifice Ambassador Stevens? Is it true the President was watching the attack happen in real-time from the White House Situation Room?  What is the House Oversight Committee asking the President about Benghazi?  Why the confusion about Former CIA Director Petraeus testifying before Congress? Why does it seem like Benghazi, the Petraeus scandal, Hillary's tantrum during her earlier testimony and her deleted emails smell like just one big cover-up -- what are they really trying to hide? Congress has been trying to ask the Benghazi survivors what really happened since 2012 but has been stonewalled. Why do the survivors need protection? Why hasn't the real truth come out during Benghazi's most recent Congressional Hearing? Well, the hearings may not have revealed the truth, but there are some survivors who are speaking. Their story is told in the movie, 13 HOURS, released in theaters January 15, 2016, and in the book of the same name available on Amazon. This seems a lot like how Watergate started...with one disclosure after another for months until it toppled a President. And that one didn't involve people dying.

(26) Is Barack Obama an illegal President? Did President Obama win election  and re-election illegally?  And is it possible BenghaziGate's false reporting was meant to draw the people's focus away from that?

(27) During Obama's tenure, why have so many people wanted their states to secede?  With so many discontented Americans, there have been calls for a recount... an impeachment... and a revolution? Shouldn't a President who subverts the Constitution be impeached?

(28) Investigative journalists Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott gave America fair warning of President Obama's plans for his second term and his Agenda in their New York Times bestseller, Fool Me Twice (March 2012). They credited the American people with enough intelligence (a) to see through the fog of mis-information, mis-direction, and deceptions of this administration and their lap dog media, and (b) be willing to do something about it. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Check out their trilogy to really understand what Obama is about.

(29) Why does President Obama want to remove the ceiling (and oversight) on the federal deficit -- just what does he have in mind? Has he lost touch with reality?

(30) Is there an Islamist plan to take over America from within, starting with converting our children (using the U.N.'s Common Core curricula like this lesson on Islam)?Product Details

(31) Why would a President even consider allowing China to convert $1 trillion of debt to U.S. land and iconic buildings...and why has he allowed China to create Chinese sovereign zones in the U.S. populated by Chinese nationals and complete with their own security forces??

(32) Why is President Obama working so hard to disarm Americans? Why is China demanding that U.S. citizens be disarmed? What do our own Green Berets have to say about disarming America? And what about this Columbine survivor? Did the President exploit Sandy Hook to try to disarm Americans? Where was God when the gunman showed up at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

(33) Why has President Obama instructed Homeland Security to create an armed youth corps and ordered DHS to purchase 2,500 GLS armored fighting vehicles, millions of guns, and billions of rounds of high powered ammunition. What is he preparing for? "Is our President trying to destroy America?"

(34) Is this President trying to set up a secular imperial government? Two well respected authors think so. Read their best seller,  The Blueprint: Obama's Plan To Subvert The Constitution and Build An Imperial Presidency.

(35) Can you see his Agenda yet? If not, take a look at our Portrait page -- it's full name is "Portrait of a Coup."


Call To Action

When you have completed your research, I believe you will agree the evidence speaks for itself and the sheer preponderance of it is compelling. There really is an architect at work who has carefully crafted a plan to bring about America's demise. That plan swept Obama into the White House and that plan continues to be enacted. We see the evidence of it every day on the news. Who is this architect?  Is it Obama...or others who influence/control him...like George Soros  , the self-proclaimed puppetmaster. Either way, Obama is the catalyst for the Agenda because he is the man with the power of the Presidency. By exposing his Agenda to the scrutiny of the American people, it can be neutralized. But we must do more than neutralize his Agenda. We must take positive steps to restore America to greatness and our Constitution to its intended purpose. And the way to do that is to replace him in 2016 with someone who not only loves America but has a plan to resurrect us from the near-death experience we are in.

If you are not tuned in to cable channels Fox News and The BlazeTV , get tuned in. Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are digging deep to tell us what is really happening behind the scenes. Michelle Malkin, author of Culture of Corruption, is also exposing the truth about the Obama Administration. And Liberty Counsel is sounding the alarm. There are many voices sounding the alarm. Check out our Links to see just a few. There is reason to be alarmed. Our children are in danger of being hijacked, and our government already has been. Our credit rating has been downgraded twice because of our lack of fiscal integrity; there has been a lot of talk about the U.S. dollar collapsing. And our national sovereignty is being seriously eroded with this President's help under the UN's agenda of global domination. America is changing before our very eyes. Conservatives are being called domestic terrorists, mobsters, alarmists. Paul Revere wasn't an alarmist -- he was a patriot. We are patriots. All concerned Americans need to let their voice be heard. Talk to your friends, family and co-workers about what's really happening in America. Tell them about this website if they are undecided. Take a stand and get involved.  

President Obama was reelected. We need to recognize that our politicians are not going to save us...we must be prepared to stand up as We The People and take America back!

It's up to us -- we need to Rescue America Now.

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